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About Us

about_usWe’re faster than the speed of light. We’re able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. We’re … Okay, so we may not be super heroes exactly, but we can claim superior status in the world of marketing communications. You can use the links on this page to learn more about Linking Solutions, our staff, our business partners and how we use our powers only in the name of good.

Who We Are

Sure, we’re marketers, strategists, programmers, designers and writers. But before we’re any of those things, we’re people. And we spend a lot of time getting to know others like us.

Linking Solutions focuses our clients’ marketing on what makes people tick—what they enjoy, prefer and react to. We save time and money by communicating with target audiences when and where they are most likely to hear what we’re telling them.

We believe marketing services must provide value far beyond meeting a goal or filling a need. Our dynamic communications join people and businesses at deeper levels. We offer companies
solutions that create stronger links to their customers. Linking Solutions. Sound familiar?

While other communications firms make promotional materials, we create experiences. We don’t limit ourselves or our clients to a particular medium. There are many ways to tell a good story. We explore them all.

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The Past, On Video

It all started with videocassettes. Using them in direct mail marketing, to be exact. That’s what Duplication Factory, Inc., specialized in when it was founded by current Linking Solutions President Barry Johnson.

For over sixteen years, Duplication Factory helped pioneer the industry, working with many Fortune 500 brands such as Disney, General Motors, Boeing, Target, Honeywell, Proctor & Gamble, Time Warner, Best Buy, Dell, Intel and Microsoft, to name only a few.

When businesses and consumers began looking for new and better ways to interact with each other, Linking Solutions came to the rescue. The internal marketing division of Duplication Factory, Inc. was created to blaze a trail in the design and programming of interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs.

Linking Solutions quickly expanded its services to offer marketing experiences through a variety of media. Now, it connects companies of all sizes with their consumers using ultra-cool print design, super-hot interactive design and rock-solid consultation.